Women’s water polo final in 2019

If you are a fan of water polo, assure that the World Aquatics Championships is the internationally biggest festival in this field. In this league, all women’s water polo teams have opportunities to connect and compete as rival.

In 2019, this is 18th of FINA World Swimming Championships which is held in July in Gwangju, South Korea. All the best water polo teams present and perform in the best group.

Through play-offs, the semi-finals have 2 matches: the first match between Spain and Hungary. Roser Tarrago I Aymerich and Paula Leiton Arrones in Spain are key person of team who contribute to victory of Spain before Hungary. The final score is 16-10 points.

The rest match is between Australia and Americans. By experience with five records before as well a solid defense, Americans excellently overcome Australia and present in the finals. The final score is 7-2.

Coming back history in 2017 in the final match, Americans also beat the Spain with points: 13-6 once Kylie Neushul in Americans became the best player in season.

As predict from experts and spectators, the final in 2019 looks a copy total content of the final in 2017. Although Spain try to keep drew level to rival, from 1-1 and 3-3 before Americans get 6 continuous scores and without pickup any ball by a super goalkeeping- Ashleigh Johnson. Finally, Americans win Spain with 11-6 scores accordingly. Furthermore, Americans also become unique team having 6 records in FINA World Swimming Championships.

Ranking the second, Spain also have an official ticket to join Olympic in 2020. The rank third is Australia reaching a slot for the next season after they overcome Hungary with 10-9 scores and get the bronze medal.


Although FINA World Swimming Championship is a special water sport for girls, they always make effort the best to show pride about their nation to all friends in the world.