Women is better than men in sport betting

Sport betting is already an important part of sport. This makes more interesting in fans. According to 888 holdings which is a betting company under 3 big betting sites: 888 Casino, 888 Sportsbook and 888 Poker in New Jersey, the rate of women reaches winning in sport betting is higher than its men.

Don’t surprise because we will explain the reason why women is better than men in sport betting at the following article.

First of all, let see an example from statics of 888 Sportsbook. In the NJ sports betting data in January 2019, women could receive 19.79% whereas the male was 4.6% in total revenue. Furthermore, the female usually reaches plus 20% profit from men’s loss in bets. The reason can result from differences in culture, psychology, luck and strategies. In general, this is a significant difference between 2 sexes.

The fact that the trick can lead to success for the women in sport betting is combination between will and emotion. Another way, it is betting by the head and the heart.

Some people said that the women are difficult to control emotion. They intend to make decision on feeling. However, one girl can get balance the head and the heart, she can determine an exact result. Among girls, someone is not close an attachment to any certain team, she is easy to get winning. It means when money affects to going on bets or not, women is likely to make decisions with their heads than their hearts. Therefore, they are likely to receive winning. Actually, for a smart bettor, any budget placed on sport betting should be expendable income. Earning and investing are always taken action at the same time. For this purpose, women can do better than men because they have more demand for using money such as doing the shopping, cooking or going to the gym.