Women can become sports gamblers better than men

Accordingly to a recent study of 888 Holdings, women have more ability to win sport betting than men because women have distinct advantages. This study is completely based on correct statistics from result of 888 Holding which is reliable website about sport betting in the world. They used result and data from sports gambling in New Jersey. Maybe it is time for men to involve their women to place sport betting with revenue purpose.

From survey of 888 Holdings in this year, they find that women reach better results than men in wagers and sport betting. On average, women have received a 19.79% return from their deposit and investments whereas men only have opposed to the 4.6%. That difference is substantial when you consider sport betting as the main purpose to have profit.

This is also pretty good indications to encourage women to play betting more. The fact that, women have the equal right as men so they need to be relaxed and taken a rest by various options after working and doing housework. Some experts point out women have better feeling in solution and decision something abnormal. While placing betting has mysterious method when they don’t have fixed formula for winner. In general, women and betting have emotional connection which men need to improve more. Using strong willingness is not right for all cases in sport betting.

This conclusion doesn’t sure certainly that women can get excited about their favorite sport betting but, compared to men, the connection is typically more sensible and correct. They make sport gambling decisions by their hearts, not their heads.

Another unique report that younger women are better to win at sports betting than older. 888 Holdings shows some evidence about the return on investment for women about 25-34 years was 127.06% while the older age about 45-54 dropped to 61.72%.