Woman sport today

Sports plays an important role in our lives. It brings not only benefits for health, but also connects each other in the world in a community through championships or league. Whether you are an athlete or spectator, you are happy and proud to join in the same air of sport competition. It is non-vision value of sport.

Nowadays, rate of woman join and do sports or follow events are steadily increasing. It is good result of the equality right between woman and man in a long time.

Backing the history, sports only spends on the man, both watching and playing because people though that sports are luxurious entertainment for them. Responsibility of women were doing housework and taking care of children. This thought makes limitation for the woman’s ability. They hardly expose to any sports. So rule of all sports like football, wrestling, volleyball are regulated properly to the man’s requirements.

Along development and modernization of society, this situation has been improved dramatically. Since 1970s, the women have contributed in small events in range of nation. Through achievement of mass media like television and the Internet, the woman expose, watch then play sports more. Gradually, they are the right to attend at sporting events. Even some cases, they can compete and win to the men team convincingly.

According to a few reports from Women and Sport, there are about 50% of the women are interested in sports all over the world. For example, in the USA, the woman like playing soccer while the Japanese woman usually play ice skating and tennis. In general, their tastes and favorite differ from places they are living.

But there is a common sense about presence of the woman in sports worldwide. In all various sports which requires strength and durance like football, wrestling until offers flexibility and creativity like swimming, volleyball, there are some excellent athletes who represent for the woman. They are extremely talented and smart as or even more than the man.