Why sports are important for girls and women?

It is a myth that “boys are better in sports than girls”. But actually no statistic proved that the boys were better in sports than girls. Any girls, boys or men, women are the same right to play sport. Even some cases, women reached more rewards than men. Women have laborious, cunning and persistent to overcome challenge.

Sports play an important role for developing and staying balance for everyone. Even CAAAWS research said that if girls had not played any sport when they were or before 10 years old, they were not suitable to enjoy later in their life”. Above all, sports are important for girls and women.

We can deny that the benefits of playing sports for both boys and girls are familiar. Playing sport brings benefits about mental health and fitness. But we can list special features which girls can get more usefully and effectively than boys. It is the main answer for question: why sports are important for girls and women.

  • When women/ girls are active and recreational in activities outside or sports, they feel more confident and happy to enjoy communicating with the society. It is easy to explain that when they play sports regularly, they keep fit and stronger so they will be confident to be in front of the crowd.
  • Research shows that girls playing sports are hard to involve to drugs or any society vices. Besides it, they also focus on studying and the ability to graduate high school is higher others.
  • Reported that playing sports also women to reduce the risk of breast cancer- one of the most popular diseases in women.
  • Participating sport when girls are young also helps them to decrease osteoporosis disease of the old. As usually, rate of women in osteoporosis problem is higher than men.

Based on above the benefits, if you are girls or woman, don’t feel free to enjoy any sport you like when this time is not late.