Which sport is good for girl

Playing sport brings many benefits for people. It can help you to improve health better, reduce some diseases or make more positive thinking for study or work. For a girl, play sport plays an important role to keep fit. Almost girls expect perfect body.

However, not all girls can also have a good body when playing sports. The reason can be that girls do wrong poses or choose wrong sports. In this article, we recommend top greatest sports are good for girl. Following it if you are finding some special tips to have a good body.

1/ Soccer

Several girls prefer playing soccer which is the most popular sports in the world. Someone want to express that they can do everything as the man.

In addition, soccer is good for improving body strength and interested in team work. Because you have to run and run during the match, your muscle will be durable and flexible.

All accessories you need to prepare are durable shoes, shin guards and a ball. That’s all and you can start to play game.

2/ Volleyball

Volleyball is a popular game for girls, especially it looks as a subject in school and university. Some researches point that playing volleyball help bone more durable and higher. So, it is encouraged to play for all small girls.

Besides indoor match, you also play volleyball in outdoor like beach on occasion you go to the sea. You only prepare knee pads and a ball, then can enjoy it.

3/ Tennis

Girls can play tennis by herself or with a partner. This sport is very good for health when she usually keeps in touch a tennis ball and racquet to run and react it correctly.

They become flexible and active when practicing it fluently because it requires fast pace.