Which sport is good for girl

In the modern life, girl and women play sports as good habits. Besides they have to spend time on caring family and job, they are aware of keeping fit and weight by practicing sports. Therefore, they love and play it in daily life.

Among a wide range of sports, which sport is good for girl? The answer can be found in the following. Before applying it, remember that depending on your mental, ability and purpose to choose a proper sport.

4/ Basketball

Basketball is an interesting team sport to improve muscles and bones strongly. Your mission is running, jumping up and picking up a ball to be in net. This sport is good to keep fit overall because it requires to combine all parts on body.

In addition, basketball has basic rule, so it’s easy to follow.

To join it, you only need to prepare for athletic shoes, a ball and a hoop then collect two teams within 8-12 members and take action.

5/ Softball                        

If you feel overloading when playing basketball because you use up so much energy, you can choose another sport like softball. As a nickname, it is less strenuous than basketball or football. However, it is a good team sport for girls.

You need to use hand-eye coordination and move your body upper and lower. It can’t consume so much energy but it also has healthy and mental benefits for players.

To start softball, you only need a glove, softball and bat.

6/ Swimming

We can’t miss swimming as a good recommendation for girls. You can perform it by individual or team. Or you can swim in the swimming pool or the lake or sea. It’s flexible.

It becomes one of the most popular sport because it is versatile and simple to follow whereas it has a wide range of benefits for your health.