Top the most dangerous sports for women

As far as we know, sport brings many benefits for health and mental. In addition, playing sport can support us stronger and powerful because we are practicing other parts of body every day.

However, playing sports can cause risks and injuries for players, both athletes and amateur, especially women. In this article, we share top the most dangerous sports for women. If you are finding any sport for your practice, you should avoid the following ranking. It’s better to keep safe for your body.


Maybe you feel surprising about this conclusion. But it is a true thing considered by experts. On basketball, you will play with your team. On average, there are 12 people on the yard. All yards are made in hardwood. In addition, you have to compete or run with your opponents to get the ball correctly from your teammate. During fast running, it’s easy to cause one serious injury. You feel extremely painful when you touch the wooden floor.

Although this sport doesn’t require complicated skills, it’s not a good choice to practice usually to avoid risks about accidents.

Skiing, snowboarding and surfing

All sports use a board then stand on it, keep balance and remove in the snow or water in the ocean. More and more snow or strong waves, easier and easier you can practice it freely and interesting. In general, these sports are the same dangerous because skiing and water are the major environment to practice where no one can control status or condition of the environment. It can change any condition without notifying to you. Furthermore, girls or women are enough strong to be against them. Therefore, skiing or water can die you any time.

NASCAR and Motocross

The fact that, no many women are interesting with this dangerous sport because it is really risky. To reach winning, you have to speed up fast. Then any consequence can happen as disaster.