Top the most dangerous sports for women

Playing sports brings many benefits for women and girls. Almost sports require you to prepare professional skills and requirements. Sometimes you can face accidents or injuries from playing sports.

If you are confusing which sport is suitable for you, you should follow this article. We will share top the most dangerous sports for women which you should avoid to reduce injuries during practicing sports.

4/ Horseback riding

Horse riding is the favorite sport of many people. However, it’s not suitable if a women or girl rides it directly due to grave risks. Actually horse riding is 20 times more dangerous than motorcycling. On average, one rider can face accident per 350 hours of horse riding practice while up to 7,000 hours of motorcycling.

Almost horseback rider usually is in trouble with traumatic injuries to the spinal cord or head.

5/ Soccer

Soccer can consume energy and calorie positively, but soccer is not proper for women because it causes several serious injuries. According to the NCAA, there are about 11% women can see the troubles while playing soccer.

As normal, concussions result from heading the ball, interacting from a player to another player or even occurring in the air or on the ground by himself. Especially, football players are easy to see injuries when they take action with performing headers or penalty kicks.

6/ Hockey

The fact that hockey is a perfect sport for team. But it can cause some injuries for women. In general, there are about 62% of female can face trouble or risk in playing hockey. Actually this rate is higher than accidents in soccer. In hockey, you are ability to sustain numerous injuries or re-injure by yourself. Some injuries include in lower back pain, ankle, knee or lower stress fractures or even hip tendinitis.