Top the highest paid female for sports in 2019

Nowdays we are not surprising when one star female about sport has become famous and well-known. Many women express excellently their talent in sports, not less than men. Even, there are top female reaching the higher salary than others, including sports as well other fields.

In this case, we continue to share top the best women who have the highest salary for sports in 2019. Their salaries should be based their monthly salary, prizes for joining leagues and endorsements for a star.

7/ Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova has ever considered as one of the most excellent tennis players in the world for all the time. She is usually recognizable and compared with the William sisters. However, she had some trouble for injuries, inconsistent style as well scandal for using banned substance, she had some barrier to develop her career.

After Sharapova overcame her difficulties, she continued to join the leagues then reach achievements. In 2004, she won the Grand Slam- the first prize for this competition.

In 2019, she earned 7$ million for salary and 6$ million for endorsement.

8/ Karolína Plíšková

Although Karolina has not won any prize for a Grand Slam title, she keeps her stable style for the WTA tournament. During 2016 to 2018 season, she was on top 10 the best tennis players in WTA. In addition, she has joined other famous tournaments like the Australian Open, the Naomi Osaka.

9/ Elina Svitolina

She has hot some impressive achievements although she is still young- only 24 years old. She defeated Sloane Stephen at the WRA Finals in 2018 in Singapore surprisingly. She also joined the Grand Slam tournament, the Australian Open or Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep with many prizes for 2nd or 3rd rankings.

In 2019, she is on the 15th on the top best players ranking by the WTA. In 2019, she earned $6.1 million.