Top the best highest paid female for sport in 2019

Nowadays female athletes join and perform their talent in sports excellently as the male. Sometimes people consider that female athlete can play better than male athlete for some special sports such as dancing, swimming or volleyball so on.

In this article, we will refer one successful aspect of female athletes which is top the best highest paid female for sport in 2019.

1/ Serena Williams

She is the legend in tennis. Estimated she reached 29.2$ million in 2019. The fact that she maintains this highest salary for some past few years. Furthermore, Williams is only woman to be on the list of 100 highest paid athletes ranking from the Forbes. She is on no. 63th on this rank.

To reach this success, she tries the best to keep her performance for all competitions at the highest level, such as the Grand Slam in the final match or the Australian open. She has a long list of achievement during her tennis career until now like: Olympic gold medals, winner in the Grand Slam.

2/ Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is also a star in tennis. If Serena Williams is considered as the best veterans in tennis, Naomi Osaka is granted as the most potential young athlete in tennis with outstanding achievements. Both starts have ever faced in the final match of 2019 US Open competition. It’s surprising that Osaka defeated Williams to reach the winning reward. From this event, she is considered as one of the best athletes in tennis.

For the Australia Open tournament in 2019, she really was excellent to become the winner. After this reward, she is ranked in the top women player for tennis in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). In general, she earned $16 million in the last year.