Top the best highest paid female for sport in 2019

There are many sports for female in the modern life. According to report, rate of female play sport is higher and higher. One of reason for this improvement is that female can earn money from sports. It means sport is considered as a job.

In this article, we will share top the best highest paid female for sport in 2019. Don’t ignore it because you feel surprising about salary of many female sport players.

3/ Angelique Kerber

In the previous article, we refer to Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka as the most famous player in tennis. Now another name in tennis, it is Angelique Kerber.

She is a famous tennis player with three-times for the Grand Slam champion in 2003, two-times for the Grand Slams (means Australian Open and US Open) in 2016 and winner for the Wimbledon championship for the Australia Open and French Open. In general, she has reached many achievements and prizes during her career. She also has become a mainstay for many tournaments.

In 2019, she has been ranked on 14th for the top excellent tennis player in the world by WTA.

Thanks to her great success, she signed many deals with companies for advertising like Adidas or Porsche and Rolex. In general, her salary includes the prize for winnings and endorsement. Estimated that she earned $11.8 million for 2019.

4/ Simona Halep

Continue one name in tennis. As consequence that tennis is one of the most developed sports for female. According to report of WTA, Simona Halep is one of the most successful female tennis players for recent years. She has been ranked 4th on the table after Osaka, Ashleigh Barty and Karolína.

 In 2017 she joined one quarterfinal match of the Wimbledon championship and one final match of the French Open. In 2018, she became champion for the Grand Slam. This is the first time she reached this prize in her tennis career.