Top the best female footballer all the time (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best female football players during history through big events like FIFA World Cup, the Asian cup, the Euro cup so on.

The ranking is based on their performance, the number of titles in their career.

3, Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr was an attacker from the national Australia team. she also had a close relationship with Alex Morgan who was ranked the second in the former article.

She was younger than Alex Morgan. But through perfect combination, she was keeping the record to reach the most goals in one FIFA World Cup event. This was an admiring achievement because having a ticket to go to World Cup was difficult, so to make the most scores became not easy for any footballer.

She was ever voted for the all-time best scorer award in the national women soccer tournament in Australia. She also was the captain of team in many seasons.

Besides joining football in her nation, she also has played for Chicago Red Stars. At the NWSL, she also has got some goals and assistants.

4, Marta Vieira Da Silva

She was a Brazilian player. Fans usually called her with nickname Marta.

She had an outstanding career for football. She was the first footballer, including both genders to join five FIFA World Cup seasons. Actually, no many people could do this amazing achievement.

Then, she was also the first women to own 17 goals in total events of World Cup. No one can overcome and break her record.

She played for the Orrlando Pride club and the Brazil national team as a role of forwarder.

She was considered as the best female footballer all the time and nicknamed “Pele in skirts”. The fact, she was a symbol of Brazilian football.