Top the best female footballer all the time (Part 1)

Woman football has been focused and developed widely in the recent time. More and more people care about international football tournaments such as the World Cup. It also expresses the right and responsibility of the female in the society’s growth.

In this article, we share and praise top the best woman in football all the time. They have contributed to build up the female football stronger as well inspire positive motivation for the younger generation to keep passion and love for football.

They are whom? We can follow our ranking

1, Christine Sinclair

Christine is a Canadian soccer player. She has more than 15 years to be closed with professional football.

In the Canadian national team, she plays an important role as a captain to lead her team to go any dispute. She also is a great footballer of the Portland Thorns FC which have ever picked up many times for the National women soccer league.

She has 5 times to join FIFA Women’s World Cup from 2003 to 2019 and 3 times to join Olympics football tournaments from 2008 to 2016.

During her career, she has ever been voted for player of the year in 7 times. Now, she is considered as the most second scored-goal female with 181 goals. Even, these achievements are nearly as the best male to reach record until now.

2, Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is keeping the record for the most scored-goal player in one World Cup game.

During the history of woman football, only one player reached this record. It was an American player- Michelle Akers. She also got the same goals as Morgan. 

So, her achievement was respected and deserved to welcome and admire.

Until now, she is 29 years old, but this American footballer still maintains stable and full of energy in play game. In the World Cup 2019, she was excellent to make 5 goals and three assists.