Women is an important part in professional sports in the world. Besides stars and talents of men in almost sports such as football, badminton, swimming….there are many female athletes who express that their talent is equal or even better than male athletes.

To look into female athletes as well women’s sports in the past and present, we collect several fun fact about female in sports. The fact that, any era, all players are serious and hard-working for practice to reach good achievements and further break the record in their sport.

1/ Fact #1

In the ancient times, women were not only athletes who directly played in competitions but also not allowed to join any events in Olympics as spectator role.

They didn’t access any sports. All sports events only were imagined through their mind with creation and though.

2/ Fact #2

In the end of the Classical period, the serious policies for the women were decreased. Step by step, they were the right to participate and cheer up the athletic competitions as normal spectators. They still weren’t allowed to play any sport officially.

People though that sports were only served for the men. And only the men could follow strict rules in sports.

3/ Fact #3

Plato was the first person to appeal changes in perception about role of women in sports.

They support all women played some sports such as running, sword-fighting because he considered that these sports were good for women. Since this activity, some sports were open to welcome the women as professional athletes.

4/ Fact #4

In Asia, the women were accepted to play sports less than other nations.

Under the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, they found evidences about professional Cuju sports which was football game nowadays.

Some pictures pointed out that women collected and divided into small group and compete to take ball.