In this article, we continue to discuss fun facts about women in sports. There are some initial stories about women which are completely different from nowadays. You should follow our analysis about growth of the women in sports as well in the history of the human.

5/ Fact #5

Continuing a big sport event in the world without presenting of the women.

In 1896, the first modern Olympic game was founded with interest and welcome of all people all over the world. This was considered as the biggest sport festival to connect and share each other among athletes. Although in this era, women were allowed to play sport in public, they still were prevented to join this event as professional athletes. The reason why was people wanted to spend all high expectation and greatness for the men.

6/ Fact #6

At the period of the first Olympic game, the women didn’t join as pro players while the women in Europe had big breakthrough about concept. Their purpose played sport to improve health issues such as facial beauty, muscles and correct posture. This concept made increase of the number of players. More and more women liked to playing sports, especially some sports with simple rules such as volleyball, cricket, running so that they wanted to keep fit and make more beautiful.

7/ Fact #7

As explained about purpose of playing sports, we realized that they cared more recreation than specific career. So, they played and shared under non-competitive, informal attitudes. Furthermore, some sports for women had simple rules to focus easily.

In general, the women preferred to improve physical activity than professional competition.

8/ Fact #8

The USA was the first nation cared and appealed people about the equal right of women, compared with the men.

In 1916, the AAU standing for Amateur Athletic Union was founded to organize the first national swimming event for women.