The importance of women & girls in sports

Although women in sports have not always been considered popular and mainstream, they always afford and have made enormous achievements recently. It is the truth that every women and girls have the right to access to the positive power of sports as others.

Some past few decades, sexist attitudes limit women and girls from participating in most sports. But obviously, it’s not correct because everyone is the same right and responsibility in playing sports and practicing your body better. In the modern era, the old principle has to be changed more positively. The women play sports and join the competitions or champions confidently. They contribute their voice and positive attitude to the society.

Research has shown that media coverage about women’s sports still is behind compared with men’s sport. But sure it should be improved in the future. In a wide range of sport kinds, female athletes register to take part in the game-changing performances such as Olympics, World Cup so on…They make amazing and surprising for millions of viewer with perfect performances as well inspiring girls to excel.

When the woman join the sports even, they can help the government to share real feeling or their story to other woman in the world. It is great promotion for others to boost more energy and power in the life. Woman athlete contribute to assure that everyone can try and enjoy sports as route passion. They also can play football, swimming even scuba diving or wrestling as the men.

In addition, playing sports boost health and spirit better. There are various benefits from playing sports. So when the women join it, they can encourage other women to practice sports. It is a great way to protect their health better and better in the future.