The 10 Best Sports For Girls

Playing a sport brings many benefits about health, fitness as well spirit for the girls. It’s is exciting experience to connect society and make new friends because some sports require team participation. To help girls to find proper sport, this article will follow top the best sports which are most interested and effective.

1/ Soccer

Some girls as well women like playing soccer because it’s the king sport in the world. Soccer is great to practice body strength and work a team. You can’t play alone for this sport.

The women become more durable and stronger when they have to run and run in the soccer yard.

2/ Volleyball

This is a team sport with at least 6 players on each team. There is a net between the two opposing sides. You have to use some skill to move the ball to the another team’s side via the net.

In this sport, you can play indoor, outdoor and the beach. Something you need to prepare including: knee pads and a ball.

3/ Tennis

It is a great sport for someone to play alone or work with a partner. This game requires fast speed to catch up with the tennis ball. But you don’t need to run much as other traditional sports.

You only need to prepare a tennis ball and racquet to play tennis smoothly.

4/ Basketball

This is a good ideal for someone preferring running and solving the ball at a high speed. This is a team sport to collect other players. Professional shoes, a hoop and a ball are accessory you should have to play basketball.

5/ Softball

This is a great sport for team participation if you don’t want to run fast as basketball or tennis. It seems less strenuous than other sports.

This game requires combination of hand and eye and strength from upper and lower body to adjust ball properly.