The 10 Best Sports For Girls

Kindly introduced from the last article, there are many sports which are good for women and girls. This article will continue to check top the best sports. Following it and finding a proper sport for your demand.

6/ Lacrosse

It is a traditional sport and requires you to play with a team and equipment accordingly. About the rule, players take specific helmets and a set of the specialized eye protection, then they are careful and flexible to get ball from the middle of the field to the net of goalkeeper.

It helps your body more durable and stronger when you continue running in the yard.

7/ Swimming

Swimming is one of the important sport which all girls shouldn’t miss. It is versatile and positive for your health and mental. In swimming, you can choose swim by yourself or perform with team.

To start with swimming, you should prepare a full set of equipment, including in uniform swimsuit, goggles and swim cap, then join a training course to understand about method of swimming safely.

Swimming becomes one of the popular sports in the big champion in the world.

8/ Golf

Golf is a proper choice if you want to play a sport with less energy but more flexibility. By moving from a hole to another hole, you are easy to practice your body durably.

But skills to play golf well is not easy. You should have a golf stick and practice hard to improve skills.

9/ Cross Country

It allows you to play alone or with a team. Cross country means running over various terrain of countries. You should prepare a pair of durable shoe for this interesting journey.

10/ Field Hockey

About rules, it is similar with ice hockey but the different point is place. Ice hockey is played on ice field whereas you play field hockey on the grass field.

Your mission and partner is moving a ball into the goal by your hockey stick.