Top the best female footballer all the time (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best female football players during history through big events like FIFA World Cup, the Asian cup, the Euro cup so on. The ranking is based on their performance, the number of titles in their career. 3, Sam Kerr Sam Kerr was an attacker from the national Australia team. […]

Top the best highest paid female for sport in 2019

Nowadays female athletes join and perform their talent in sports excellently as the male. Sometimes people consider that female athlete can play better than male athlete for some special sports such as dancing, swimming or volleyball so on. In this article, we will refer one successful aspect of female athletes which is top the best […]

Health benefits of sports for the women

Through the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, you can see various kind of sports which you have never known it before. Sport is generally defined that it is a fixed rule when players exert themselves physically and comply it. The truth that sports bring hundreds of benefits for players, especially the women. This article […]