Top the most dangerous sports for women

As far as we know, sport brings many benefits for health and mental. In addition, playing sport can support us stronger and powerful because we are practicing other parts of body every day. However, playing sports can cause risks and injuries for players, both athletes and amateur, especially women. In this article, we share top […]

Lucy Bronze- How brilliant is UEFA women’s award winner?

Lucy Bronze becomes the best female footballer in 2029 who is excellent to receive the second successive FIFA Women’s World Cup with impressive series of performances as well a list of accolades. This article will discuss Lucy Bronze, how brilliant is UEFA women’s award winner. She is actually an international superstar and a positive inspiration […]

About the annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day

In 2019, Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day has celebrated 33rd time for the women and girls to encourage and develop their activities in sports and in life. In general, this organization is for the right of women and girls in over the world. Through playing sports, they wish all women and girls […]

Health benefits of sports for the women

Through the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, you can see various kind of sports which you have never known it before. Sport is generally defined that it is a fixed rule when players exert themselves physically and comply it. The truth that sports bring hundreds of benefits for players, especially the women. This article […]

Women’s water polo final in 2019

If you are a fan of water polo, assure that the World Aquatics Championships is the internationally biggest festival in this field. In this league, all women’s water polo teams have opportunities to connect and compete as rival. In 2019, this is 18th of FINA World Swimming Championships which is held in July in Gwangju, […]