Lucy Bronze- How brilliant is UEFA women’s award winner?

Lucy Bronze becomes the best female footballer in 2029 who is excellent to receive the second successive FIFA Women’s World Cup with impressive series of performances as well a list of accolades. This article will discuss Lucy Bronze, how brilliant is UEFA women’s award winner. She is actually an international superstar and a positive inspiration […]

Women can become sports gamblers better than men

Accordingly to a recent study of 888 Holdings, women have more ability to win sport betting than men because women have distinct advantages. This study is completely based on correct statistics from result of 888 Holding which is reliable website about sport betting in the world. They used result and data from sports gambling in […]

About the annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day

In 2019, Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day has celebrated 33rd time for the women and girls to encourage and develop their activities in sports and in life. In general, this organization is for the right of women and girls in over the world. Through playing sports, they wish all women and girls […]