About the annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day

In 2019, Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day has celebrated 33rd time for the women and girls to encourage and develop their activities in sports and in life. In general, this organization is for the right of women and girls in over the world.

Through playing sports, they wish all women and girls can practice confidence, strength and good character which is necessary to become strong leaders in their own lives and in the world.

The main topic and source of inspiration of this year calls “Lead Her Forward”. They want to honor the important role of sports in boosting and directly affecting girls and women to achieve excellent results. Although to come with victory, they have to overcome various difficulties and troubles from their family as well society. Finally, they can gain the finish destination in happiness and success.

With high missions to protect the right for the women, The Women’s Sports Foundation encourage power and talent of the individuals and organizations in sports. Sports is the best way to practice and improve their strong willingness. Besides it, this Foundation also support to protect Title IX and increase knowledge about advance gender equity. As planned strategies, athletes in all sports will use their powerful platform to inspire greatness and spirit to spectators about equality in gender. They want to appeal all women in the world to stand up and protect their right themselves. That they are equal as other man like going to school when she is small, then working and even becoming leaders or managers in international co-operation or group. All rights and responsibility should be balanced between the men and the women. Not stopping at athlete, all coaches are also working daily to unlock girls’ limitless capabilities and find the excellent players to compete to male player in the world