5 Reasons Every Woman Should Get in the Water

All woman care about fitness and health. It will affect directly to spirit and feeling in the life. So doing any exercise or workout is necessary and useful to keep fit and health.

This following is 5 reasons why all woman should get in the water gradually as the habit. Sure that you feel you have to take action for getting in the water immediately as soon as reading tips as below:

Practice both cardio and strength

In swimming, you have to move constantly, if not you can sink in the water. So it is useful for your cardio and strength. Seemingly you feel more comfortable and energy as soon as you finish swimming.

It’s easy on the low impact

It means skills of swimming is simple so it suits for woman or injured athletes. Depending on your health, you can adjust swimming level properly.

It’s great for your lungs

When you are in the water, your body has to adapt oxygen more efficiently. It also learns to breathe more fresh air and take out more carbon dioxide with every exhalation.

All practice in swimming improves heart rate and blood pressure lower. So it’s good for your lungs.

It makes you a better runner

By increasing your ability to use oxygen in the water, swimming boosts your endurance capacity well. It’s good for woman who are slim and sensitive.

From this endurance, you can be confident to join other sports like running without worrying about the result. As the researches point out that swimming can bring to air-fueled benefits as well practice your hamstrings, your core and your shoulders durable. So you can run better and better as breaking the limit.

It makes you smarter

Blood flows to the brain increased up to 14% when you are swimming. It’s good for your brain improved more and more, especially for the postpartum women because they are usually absent minded.